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U.S. EPA Contaminated Site Cleanup Information (CLU-IN)

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|Vapor Intrusion

For more information on Vapor Intrusion, please contact:

Michael AdamTechnology Integration and Information Branch PH: (703) 603-9915 | Email: [email protected]

Vapor intrusion is the general term given to migration of hazardous vapors from any subsurface contaminant source, such as contaminated soil or groundwater or contaminated conduit, into an overlying building or unoccupied structure via any opening or conduit. Vapor-forming chemicals that potentially can provide subsurface sources for vapor intrusion into buildings include, for example, chlorinated hydrocarbons, petroleum hydrocarbons, and other types of both halogenated and non-halogenated volatile organic compounds (VOCs). (See also EPA's Vapor Intrusion Webpage)

Radon Gas

Radon, a colorless, odorless gas, is formed from the decay of radium, a radioactive element that occurs naturally in the bedrock and soil. It may also arise from uranium- or radium-bearing solid wastes in the subsurface. Migration of radon into a dwelling is a specific kind of vapor intrusion, though many of the approaches developed to mitigate the broader issue of vapor intrusion apply to radon as well. Radon poses a threat to the health of building occupants once the gas migrates at high enough levels from soil and rock into homes and the work place. For more information on health risks, as well as detecting and mitigating radon in homes and businesses, visit EPA’s radon page .

In extreme cases, the vapors may accumulate in homes and other occupied buildings to levels that may pose near-term safety hazards (e.g., explosion), acute health effects, or odor problems. Typically, however, the chemical concentration levels with vapor intrusion are low, and the odor unnoticeable. Depending on site-specific conditions, the vapors may not be present at concentrations detectable by analytical instruments. In buildings with low concentrations of volatile chemicals, the main concern is whether or not the chemicals pose an unacceptable risk of chronic health effects due to long-term exposure to these low levels. A complicating factor in evaluating the potential risk from chemical exposure due to vapor intrusion is the common presence of some of the same chemicals from sources with the building (e.g., household solvents and paints, gasoline, drycleaned clothing, and cleaning agents) that may pose, separately or in combination with vapor intrusion, a significant human health risk. Figure 1 illustrates a simple conceptual model of the vapor intrusion pathway the upward movement of vapors from a soil and groundwater source toward and into buildings.

tarifa equivocada

El sitio también rastrea estos errores, por lo que aconseja adquirir el boleto sin dudarlo. La mayoría de las veces la aerolínea o agencia reconoce su error y hace válida la tarifa. Sin embargo, se sugiere esperar un máximo de cinco días para ver si no hay alguna aclaración o cancelación por parte de las empresas.

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(Foto: Istock)


Si vas a viajar barato, olvídate de los hoteles cinco estrellas. En Europa es muy común dormir en pensiones , hostales y en casas de particulares.

pensiones hostales

El primer ejemplo es Airbnb; si vas a Madrid encontrarás habitaciones desde 12 euros por noche (258 pesos, aproximadamente). El precio cambia dependiendo de la ubicación, En la Gran Vía hay rentas desde 28 hasta 50 euros.


En Francia, Holanda, Alemania, Inglaterra y República Checa son más populares los hostales. Te recomendamos hacer tu reservación a través de Hostelworld, una red de 35 mil hostales alrededor de 170 países, incluyendo México por si te animas a hacer un viaje nacional.

Si buscas una estancia en Ámsterdam, encontrarás dormitorios compartidos desde 18 euros (400 pesos, en promedio). La tarifa fue cotizada para la noche del 25 de septiembre.

dormitorios compartidos

En París, una noche en un hostal ubicado en el barrio bohemio de Montmartre, puede costarte desde 27 euros, en octubre.


Existen también opciones de hospedaje gratuito . Los sitios web Couchsurfing o BeWelcome son de gran ayuda. El huésped duerme en un sofá, cama o colchón a cambio de hacer lo mismo con otros viajeros o ayudar con algún trabajo de la casa, como pintar o cuidar plantas.

hospedaje gratuito Couchsurfing BeWelcome

También existe el intercambio de casas entre viajeros; busca alguna en House Carers, Mind my House y The Caretaker Gazette .

intercambio de casas House Carers, Mind my House The Caretaker Gazette

Cómo moverse

“No se te ocurra transportarte en taxi”, dice Patrick. En Europa, este medio de transporte es el más caro. El banderazo promedio es de nueve euros. Lo mejor es moverse en metro, autobús, bicicleta y a pie .

metro, autobús, bicicleta

En la mayoría de las ciudades, la red de metro ofrece precios especiales para turistas, con un solo boleto o tarjeta puedes viajar durante todo un día, semana o mes.

Lo mismo funciona para viajes en autobús y bicicleta. Esta última es la más común en Ámsterdam. Rentar una bicicleta te cuesta alrededor de 50 centavos de euro por hora. En Londres, un día cuesta dos libras (46 pesos) y 10 libras, por siete días. En París, 1.70 euros por día y ocho euros por una semana.

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We are a residential construction company specializing in custom remodeling and new builds.

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Initialize is executed. Test is evaluated and must have a type that can be converted to a boolean. If it's true the statement is executed. After the statement is executed, the Increment is executed. Then Test is evaluated again, and if true the statement is executed again. This continues until the Test evaluates to false.

A BreakStatement will exit the loop. A Amazon Cheap Price Cheap Sale Geniue Stockist Elie Tahari Suede ALine Skirt Outlet Classic GELraM
will transfer directly to the Increment .

A ForStatement creates a new scope. If Initialize declares a variable, that variable's scope extends through the end of the for statement. For example:

Function bodies cannot be empty:

The Initialize may be omitted. Test may also be omitted, and if so, it is treated as if it evaluated to true.

A foreach statement loops over the contents of an aggregate.

ForeachAggregate is evaluated. It must evaluate to an expression of type static array, dynamic array, associative array, struct, class, delegate, or sequence. The NoScopeNonEmptyStatement is executed, once for each element of the aggregate. At the start of each iteration, the variables declared by the ForeachTypeList are set to be a copy of the elements of the aggregate. If the variable is ref , it is a reference to the contents of that aggregate.

The aggregate must be loop invariant, meaning that elements to the aggregate cannot be added or removed from it in the NoScopeNonEmptyStatement .

If the aggregate is a static or dynamic array, there can be one or two variables declared. If one, then the variable is said to be the value set to the elements of the array, one by one. The type of the variable must match the type of the array contents, except for the special cases outlined below. If there are two variables declared, the first is said to be the index and the second is said to be the value . The index must be of int , uint , long or ulong type, it cannot be ref , and it is set to be the index of the array element.

For foreach , the elements for the array are iterated over starting at index 0 and continuing to the maximum of the array. For foreach_reverse , the array elements are visited in the reverse order.

Note: The ForeachTypeAttribute is implicit, and when a type is not specified, it is inferred. In that case, auto is implied, and it is not necessary (and actually forbidden) to use it.

If the aggregate expression is a static or dynamic array of char s, wchar s, or dchar s, then the Type of the value can be any of char , wchar , or dchar . In this manner any UTF array can be decoded into any UTF type:

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